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Not odox case: AEKII 60%

Not an odox case, but another one from fusion 360. the right and left inner walls (space between case and caps) needs to come in about 1mm on each side, and the USB cutout can go to the right (from front view) about 1.5mm. Have fun!
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Odox Silent TPU Case V2

This case is a multi-part thingy... 2x bottom TPU inserts to lift and support a PCB mounted or proto rev1/3 pcb plate odox, with tpu inserts that hold down the pcb in place. The top and bottom shells press and snap fit together... works great. TPU for sound dampening. I plan on having a PCB mount odox in mine with zilents to finish this design off. have fun! Download:

Odox Sculpted Flat Keycaps for Single Extruder Printer

Hey guys! These are my sculpted keycaps, designed to be printed multi-color with your single extruder printer. You are going to want to move the individual bodies to fit your printer, break up bodies into groups of colors you want as STL files, align them all in your slicer creating gcode for each color... print the legends first, doing color changes between colors, and then print the caps ontop of the legends. Download: Have fun!

Dilly Case

Case made to fit the Dilly keyboard from keebio. You will need 4 slightly longer m2 screws than the ones that come with the kit to screw the case onto the board. Download: images:

"Doubleshot" 3D Printed Keycaps

"Doubleshot" 3D Printed Keycaps DSA Set available for download below... Update:  I haven't tried this set yet, I am going to try printing legends first, and keycaps ontop of them as suggested by /u/ TheBlueberryIncident  on reddit. See his post here . Credit for the original design of the DSA caps themselves that were used goes to /u/the_television, pulled from his thingiverse link here: Cutouts in keycaps have a tiny bit wider cutouts for the legends for a nice press fit. DSA Set Download